Many visitors to Madrid want to see a flamenco show. And they pay good money to do so. But in the end they only get half the story, half the experience. Because without some sort of explanation, so much of its richness is lost. Flamenco is so much more than just singing and dancing. It’s an age-old art-form with mysterious origins, deeply-rooted traditions and wonderful personalities.

And I’m passionate about sharing my knowledge and love for flamenco. Which is why I offer private flamenco tours in Madrid, for those who want to truly experience flamenco.

Flamenco dancer - Flamenco tours in Madrid

My private flamenco experience lasts about 3 hours and includes:

  • full, fun and fascinating explanation of the culture, history and meaning of flamenco at a local tavern before the show
  • glass of wine/beer/soda and a tapa at the tavern before the show
  • a short flamenco route on foot in Madrid’s most flamenco neighborhood, during which you’ll get the chance to visit Madrid’s most famous flamenco dance school and/or two flamenco artisan shops (depending on the day of the week), where I’ll deepen your understanding of flamenco and you’ll meet people who are involved in Madrid’s flamenco scene
  • entrance to the flamenco show that I have chosen for the evening. I run a flamenco calendar on my website, so I’m always up-to-date as to where to see the best flamenco artists in Madrid
  • my accompaniment during the show to provide guidance and answer questions
  • a drink with the show
  • my Flamenco Guide, with suggested music, films and flamenco bars in Madrid so you can continue appreciating and experiencing flamenco once you’re back home

My flamenco tour is available every day, subject to show availability. The start time is approximately 6pm.

A Magical Evening of Flamenco

I will hand pick a show for you at one of the best venues (tablaos) and take care of booking the tickets. I’ll then meet you before the show and take you for a glass of wine and a tapa at a local tapas bar where I’ll introduce you to all things flamenco – its origins, its customs, its secrets. All this knowledge will help you truly understand and appreciate what you’re about to see. We’ll then walk a flamenco route around Madrid’s most flamenco neighborhood, during which you’ll get the chance to visit the world’s most famous flamenco dance school and/or two flamenco artisan shops, where you’ll discover more about this fascinating art form.

Guitar workshop - Flamenco tours in Madrid

Then it’s time for the show. I’ll take you to one of Madrid’s best flamenco performances, where you’ll enjoy world-class singers, guitarists and dancers. I’ll join you for the performance, helping you to understand and enjoy what you’re seeing and hearing and answering any questions you might have.

And by the end of the evening, instead of just having seen some dancing and heard some singing, you’ll have a long-lasting appreciation of this beautiful, rich and moving art form.

To book this tour, ask questions, or inquire about customised experiences and flamenco tours in Madrid, email me at

The Flamenco Guide - Yolanda Martín (600 x 450)

I look forward to sharing an evening of flamenco with you.

Yolanda Martín
The Flamenco Guide