Where to see the best flamenco show in Madrid

Excellent, so you’ve decided to explore the world-class range of flamenco shows in Madrid and enjoy one – or perhaps more, as you’re likely to get flamenco-hooked! And now you’re wondering – where can I see the best flamenco show in Madrid?

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Flamenco shows in Madrid – October 2015

There aren’t enough evenings in a week – or euros in my bank account  for the fantastic flamenco shows and recitals programmed for this October in Madrid. These are the shows that I wouldn’t want to miss, ideally – but most of which, alas, I realistically will miss!

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Suma Flamenca festival in Madrid – my picks

It’s advertised everywhere in Madrid – on huge banners in the Metro, on bus stops, in the mainstream media and of course through specialised flamenco channels. Suma Flamenca, Madrid’s most important flamenco festival, is upon us. The month-long festival boasts more than 300 shows and concerts during June in different venues throughout the capital. And with such a huge program, choosing what to see can prove a tad overwhelming. So let me help you out with a few recommendations.

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